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Work force mangement Call center Traffic

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    Work force mangement Call center Traffic
    Got the modding virus for as long as i can remember :)
    Painted my matchbox´s at very young age and also disassemble a radio at age 3 :p
    Today is the day i got access to assemblergames been trying to get a account
    for awhile but never got the activation mail.

    I gave a new try today and got in :)

    Atm i am modding arcades got 3 at home; Sega virtua striker, Sega virtua racing stand, funny slot (ok slot machine but i added a joystick so its more a arcade now lol) and build a digital pinball out of a 19'' and an 32"" screen.

    Also doing on a half life 2 arcade translation, graphics and in the code(but code is useless unless you turn on Jap region started editing the code because i found a lot more to translate when i turned that on :-s ) and also making a special loader for it to give it more functionality. (think nessy but at home lol)

    And the never ending updating story of my emulators consoles etc.....

    History wise:
    Did a lot of dreamcast covers back in the glory days (learned for graphic designer at school)
    got some attention from boob.co.uk because i made a nice cover for there "DC Tonic" demo.

    Dreamcast got me into modding consoles, my dreamcast got a custom blue led (euro dreamcast) and build in vga.
    My dreamcast site that i made was mostly ript info from other user sorry for not giving credit.
    I did´t feel like it should and back then it was more about the info then about the creator.(info for me ;))
    Dreamcast is also the reason why i have DC in my nick.
    It used to be only Nigma but DC changed it :)

    If you like you can find my Dearth Maul model/skin for Quake 3 made under that alias "Nigma".
    Also good times Quake, did a lot of game mods for myself did´t release that much on the internet.
    From Duke Nukem 3D until Quake 3 or Half life don´t remember witch release first.
    My Dearth Maul model was good enough for the net that's why it got released :)

    Also made one Homebrew game for Wii, its called wii pong and is made using the "wii game creator"
    witch got really negative feedback from the real wii dev scene.
    I am no programmer i like to play around in source code and mod here and there.
    When the dos age´s was very active and i a was age 8 i edit "zool"´s demo to get more levels
    it was mostly gliching in edit.com until the Exe broke. But i got some really strange level results before it broke :)
    Thats why i keep most of my stuff for my-self. At that time i was very happy with the software because it let me make programs/games for my wii. The game self was more a reaction on a post about the creating software/gui; someone said you cant even make 2 player games with that software.
    My pong game is made just for that you need 2 players to play other wise you will win very easy :)
    It uses only one wii mote fore controls i got this idea from a old game gear game; they also used this mechanic to play the game. I tried some ps3 dev. but never came that far; made some simple examples for myself.
    Assembler is a site where i see a lot of links going to it from other sites and been eager to get in and start using this forum.

    This is the first time a write a bio for myself on a forum but for this forum i wanted to do some afford :)
    Check my blog if you like! http://stormtrooperart.eu5.org/
    Greetz Dcnigma