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  1. Addison123
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  2. Kimochid
    Kimochid Tony-Z
    Happy Birthday!, love your videos!
  3. Tsunoni
    Tsunoni AlejandroVM
    hey, hi, how do i get your script to work for rmenu on linux? im running ubuntu and it cant eem to get it running with rmenu.exe. i think exe is windos only. do i need to convert it? thank you!
  4. dragoncity
    dragoncity japanese_cake
  5. QuantumChill
    Looking for Ratchet & Clank related content.
  6. Leang
    I will on
  7. Leang
  8. BenjmainLSR
    BenjmainLSR retro
  9. TheGTAddict
  10. ChristyGamer
    Excited to be here! Hope I enjoy being around Gamers....
  11. ChristyGamer
    Gamers Rule the World...
  12. Sergalicious
  13. Paulweeze71
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  14. blast2fire
    I want a Nintendo Switch...
  15. KrypticNL
  16. ArcticFoXxXx
    Well... I'm happy ASSEMBLERGAMES is finally back online... Other than that, I haven't much to say.
  17. banjo93
    Hi everyone
  18. npzman
    npzman DreamTR
    my review to DreamTR is this he had been rude to me. not responsive when I was asking something that I was after.
  19. Mattetch
    sometimes preoccupied
  20. npzman
    npzman jheirbaut87
    What about the Ratchet and clank ps4 disc ?