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[Review] MD Everdrive -English-

Discussion in 'Mega Everdrive / Everdrive MD' started by aleomark, Jan 9, 2011.

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    Aug 16, 2010
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    Hello pals!, here is the other review about Krizz’s cart for Sega Megadrive system, known as Sega Genesis in America. This cart was Krikzz’s debut in the retrogaming scene in which he quickly won prestige, he also came up with the Super EverDrive cart and who can tell what’s up next in his plans. For now, just read about what this cart offers you in order to choose if it meets your tastes and needs and if the MD EverDrive is your dream cart for the MD; either way, you have this review to form your own opinion.

    The MD EverDrive is a cart that allows you, like other flashcarts, to play the roms that you usually use in Sega MD / Genesis emulators in the console as if it were the original cartridge, you can even save your game so you won’t lose your progress in games that require battery because it saves the files in the SD, no matter if the battery is low. It also allows you to play the Sega Master System roms and the 32X-roms, if you have the accessory.

    About the reviewer

    My nickname is usually Aleomark, in some webpages of CR I am also known as Sousuke, but internationally and officially I prefer Aleomark, and I want to add in this section that I have already done several reviews in the past, both in English and in Spanish, about flashcarts for different companies and retro scene accessories, so you can take for sure that in my analysis you will find a broad perspective about comparison and, most importantly, neutrality when it comes to analyzing and writing my reviews, I thank those who sponsored my reviews sending me samples, but when doing the analysis I am as objective as possible, so that you, the readers, can make sure you are reading a good review which you may use to base a decision of acquiring the product.
    What is the Super Everdrive?
    The MD Everdrive is a flashcart that allows you play the Sega MD/Genesis roms in the very console as if it were the original cartridge, it has factory-built SD support (no need of extra accessories or interacting with any client / software in the PC), the cart comes ready to play, you only need a SD or microSD with SD adapter or RS-MMC 2GB or less and to format it using the tool of the menu, add roms and go to play!

    How does it look like?
    The MD EverDrive, as the Super EverDrive, is sent bare, so what you receive when you open the package is just the PCB, this may be negative for some of you specially if you do not like doing a little work at home, but for some others this is neutral because although they must do some work at home, some prefer to customize their things, here I show in detail the steps to follow in order to "dress" our flashcart:

    1- This is the Package you get:
    * click para agrandar*​

    2- The PCB is standard size, so you can take any game from Sega MD / Genesis for using its case, there are some cartridges higher than normal like some EA games or Bushido which are not appropriate because they do not have PCB standard holes. After deciding which case you are going to use, just open it with a gamebit 4.5mm screwdriver. I recommend to previously remove the label and any glue residue that remains, so that your cartridge looks like this:
    *Click to enlarge*

    3- Open and mark where you have to make the holes for the SD and the tiny stick, once marked, cut with a cutter, I recommend you to work patiently and calmly so you can get a nice result like this one:
    *Click to enlarge*​

    4- Place the PCB inside and screw back:
    *Click to enlarge*

    5- Finally, we can create a label, or download one for free from the official support forum and print it (I use glossy sticker paper), paste it in the cart. Also, there are inserts for downloading, printing and putting in a Sega MD / Genesis or universal case. Here's the result I got by using the user Eugene19’s label and insert, all credit to him.

    *Click to enlarge*​

    * There are resellers who sell the cart with case and label, but it’s more expensive.
    * You can use a rs-mmc so you do not need to make a hole in the case, but take into account that this could be inconvenient if you want to use the card for other purposes because to remove it you will have to re-open the case.

    What does the product include ?
    There is not much to say because what you get is the bare MD EverDrive flashcart, nothing more nothing less, but you don’t need anything else to play anyway just the flashcart and an SD, the case is important for protecting but not mandatory (your console will not explode up if the MD EverDrive has no case), when the cart is ready, insert a 2GB SD or less (it does not recognize larger-sized SDs); nevertheless, that space is more than enough to get all the Sega MD / Genesis roms, though if you also want the roms of the 32X and Sega Master System you should delete some of the games less atractive to you, then you can have more space. It does not include written instructions, a common problem for these kind of devices of any company.

    Manufacturer description:
    Flash cart for SEGA megadrive/genesis and nomad systems
    + all SEGA megadrive/genesis games supported, except virtua racing
    + Super Street Fighter II supported!
    + most SEGA maser system games supported.
    +32x games supported
    +SEGA-CD bios loading
    + 32kb FRAM for game saves keep. FRAM it is some like SRAM, but this memory not need battery supply for data keeping
    + save ram data can be stored or loaded from SD card
    + saves available for megadrive/genesis and master system games
    + SD/MMC cards support.
    + FAT16 support. 2GB max partition size
    + flashed game will stay in memory after power off. so no need to choice and reflash game after each reset or power off
    + connection to PC and any additional software/drivers is not required
    +SPI port. usually it used for SD cards reading, but can be used for some other action. it can be used for communication with micro controllers, for example
    + module system
    +GameGenie codes is supported
    +Supported SD/MMC size 2GB max

    Updates and Support
    In the current version we are on 12 firmware and 19 OS, which for now appear to be quite stable, although it is possible that new versions will be launch in the future, even though the menu is OS, it is easily updatable, just load a file from the options as loading a game. Updating the firmware could be more complicated because we need a JTAG cable and an interpreting suite in the PC. About supporting I have witnessed in several forums that if you have any hardware problem with your MD Everdrive o Super Everdrive, Krikzz takes the card back to check it, fix it and returns it to you with no additional cost.

    The menu is simply black background and white letters, although it is not an attractive menu, it is free of errors and it has good browsing speed, that's very positive. The menu at starting shows the OS version in the lower left corner and the following options:

    Play Game: to play the flashed game that you have in the memory.
    Select Game: to Browse the SD and to load a game other than the flashed one which is in the memory.
    Options: Shows up a submenu with more options.
    Cheats: takes you to a submenu with cheat options similar to GameGenie codes.
    Toolbox: takes you to a submenu with some tools.

    *Click to enlarge*

    Here you can see the submenus and the SD browsing that contains few folders of softmodii xD
    *Click to enlarge*​

    Options Submenu
    -Save/Load Ram: to download and read the ram to the cart manually.
    -Device Info: shows you the name of the product and other data such as the region of the console, etc.
    -Format SD: to format the SD. The first time you are using it.
    -SPI Speed Test: Test of speed.
    -Update OS: to update the menu from the SD.
    -About: Shows the Developer copyright and links of interesting webpages.

    Cheats Submenu
    -enter GG codes: to insert gamegenie codes manually.
    -load GG codes: to load gamegenie codes.

    Toolbox Submenu
    -SMD SRam: to choose between automatically or manually saving the memory of the Sega MD/Genesis games that use them.
    -SMS SRAM: to choose between automatically or manually saving the memory of the Sega Master System games that use them.
    -SRAM BANK: Slot where the files are going to be saved.
    -Hard Reset: reset options.
    -Genny3 Mode: required mode for the Sega MD/genesis (model 3).
    -Autorun: to automatically start a game after flashing.
    Region Patch: to patch the games of other regions.

    The compatibility of this cart is very high, over 99.5% for Sega MD / EverDrive games, you will be only missing Virtua Racing because it uses a special chip in the cartridge, apparently you can play all 32X and many, but not all, Sega Master System games. Also this cart can be use to free the Sega CD region (not with all games because some of them scan things for safety).

    Here you can see some screenshots of the games tested by using the MD EverDrive.
    *Click to enlarge*​

    Here you can see the way the cart looks like inserted in the console.
    *Click to enlarge*​

    The MD EverDrive is a good choice for Sega MD / Genesis fans due to it comes to be a third choice in flashcarts for this console (the tototek, somewhat archaic, and the other, already reviewed by me in case you want to compare). Personally, I like the fact that you do not have to deal with client / softwares and / or menus with bugs. I like that it is SD support factory integrated, but it’s a shame that the limit is low: 2GB SD maximum, so if you want to store all the MD / Genesis, 32X and SMS roms, you will not have enough space. I like that you do not need to reflash a game after shuting down or reseting the cart, and that it brings cheats support. However, it is still a little inconvenient working on crafts for customizing a case, but you can buy it with case and covers from resellers (with additional cost), the price is very competitive (less than 50% of the price of its direct competitor, if you compare the MD EverDrive vs the other SD Flashcart, plus accesories). Something negative, though it is not a big problem, is that the menu is very simple and boring, but you must consider that you will not see the menu for hours, but you will be playing games for hours and , in that case, it meets its purpose with 5 stars.

    -High compatibility, over 99,5% Sega MD/Genesis, 32x and some SMS games.
    -Region free for Sega CD.
    -Updates and support.
    -Factory integrated SD support.
    -No need of reflashing after reseting or shutting down.
    -Nice price.
    -Cheat manager

    -No case.
    -Menu is boring and simple.

    Where can you get one?

    Links were it has been posted


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